This camera package is offered at well below market rates exclusively for Cove Studio users.

Camera Package Hire at £295 per day. Multiple days – £590 for 3 days and £885 for a 5 day hire.

1. Sony PMW-F5 with 4K licence.
2. Set of 6 PL Mount CineAlta lenses, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, all T2 and colour matched.
3. Zacuto Gratical Eye Viewfinder.
4. Tilta Nucleus-M Follow Focus system plus 2 x Motors.
5. Atomos Ninja Flame 4K 7” Recorder and Monitor + batteries.
6. Atomos Samurai Blade as back up monitor and HD recorder + batteries.
7. 2 x XQD Cards, 64GB and 128GB. Shoots up to 180fps in 2K (cards will be wiped at the end of the hire after you’ve backed up).
8. Matte Box.
9. Vinten Vision Tripod with Vinten dolly base.
10. 2 x V-Lock Batteries.
11. Camera Mains Power.
12. Movcam shoulder rig and cage/handle. Sony VCT plate for quick release.

Cove Studio Camera Package Add-Ons

Please enquire for prices

1. Arri Alura Fujinon Zooms x 2, the 15.5-45mm and the 30-80mm, both T2.8.
2. Tokina Ultra Wide 11-20mm f2.8.
3. AXS-R5 Raw Recorder. Record 4K 16bit Linear Raw Video. 2K RAW up to 240fps.
4. Sennheiser ME66 and 2 x sets of G2 Sennheiser Radio Units plus 2 x Tram TR50 mics.
5. Losmandy Porta Jib (can be used with Vinten Vision fluid head and legs).
6. Apple computers – either a 5K iMac or Macbook Pro set up for DIT, viewing and offloading footage. Both computers are set up with Shotput Pro, Sony Raw Viewer and Sony Catalyst Prepare, Davinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Premiere. Please bring your own USB 3 or Thunderbolt drives (preferably SSD) with you for fast offloading and back up.

Note that the camera package hire is an exclusive deal for Cove Studio users and is not available outside of the studio. It is priced at a very competitive market rate for a truly excellent package that can produce the most exacting of images. Please enquire if you need any of the add-on items. We are always open to deals and helping shoots get to where they want, creatively and financially.

If you wish to use any of the hire items outside of the Cove Studio they must be hired with Jonathon Sendall as Director of Photography or as an operator. Contact us for rates and deals. We are open to negotiation! We can also get for you other camera packages such as Arri, Red and Sony Venice or Sony F55 from our rental partners.

If you’re a company that is looking to produce video material for your product but don’t know how to go about it we have over twenty five years experience in the business of making images that make you and your business look good. Contact us for a discussion about producing your video or stills, from inception to production.

If you wish to consult with Jonathon Sendall either on lighting design, lighting requirements or any shooting needs including green screen and Special FX shots please call the Cove Studio on +44 (0)208 352 1851. We’re here to help you get your shoot done on time, on budget and looking great.

Call the Cove Studio and ask for Jonathon Sendall for a chat about your shoot. It doesn’t cost you anything!